Oracle database monitoring tool
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List of changes
Version - 20.07.2013

1. Metric warnings on N-event.
2. Long queries optimizations (warning).
3. Estimating space for moving LOB segments.
4. New node for database's documents added.
5. Document's view optimization.
Version - 05.10.2011

1. Warning's view was improved with grouping.
2. Free partitions accounting was optimised.
3. Metric for monitoring Standby Database was improved.
4. Gathering data about proxy users (dba_proxies) added.
5. New nodes for lob segments in objects nodes added.
6. Connect string in metric's parameters added.
7. New nodes for segment's types added.
8. Monitoring of Alert.log was improved.

Bug fixed

1. Suspending on view metric's value fixed.
2. Couldn't connect to \\<IP ADDRESS>\ADMIN$ Access is denied. Error code: 5(0x5) fixed.
3. Couldn't start remote service. Error code: 1058(0x422) fixed.
Version - 31.10.2011

1. Warnings view optimisation by grouping ones.
2. Free partitions accounting optimisation.
3. Metric for monitoring Standby Database improved.
4. Some others bugs fixed.
Version - 18.06.2011

1. runxxx.exe processes terminations on hangs (monitoring services).
2. Optimisation of performance on repository site.

Version 5.2 - 28.04.2011

1. New context help.
2. Gathering data about sheduler's jobs (dba_scheduler_jobs).
3. Common interface for actions with different job types implemented.
4. Gathering data about lob segments (dba_lobs).
5. SQL Task for moving lob-segments implemented.
6. New metric templates for monitoring added.
7. Logging of system configuration actions.
8. Saving of password for host's account (password storage feature).
9. GDI improvements.
10. Bugs with password case sesitivity fixed.
11. Imbedding UAC manifests for Windows 7.
12. Some others bugs fixed.


Installation notes.

Deinstall old version of client part of application with uninstaller before
install the new version. After upgrade install SQL Scheduler Service if need.

Version 5.1 - 14.12.2010

1. New metric templates for monitoring.

- Alert log (list of error codes)
- Archive logs area (archive logs count thresholds)
- CPU Load (check of threshold)
- Session activity (check of processes thresholds)
- Transactions (check of rollback rate)
- Executions (check of hard parse rate)
- Usage of TEMP (check of thresholds)
- Usage of UNDO (check of thresholds)
- Oracle jobs delay (Job start delay)
- Standby delay (Check gap from production)
- Event Waits (thresholds for concurrency and commits)
- I/O Statistics (buffer cache hit rate)
- Datafiles availability (files need recovery)
- Indexes availability (index ((sub)partition) unusable)

   More about Oracle monitoring options

2. Formatting of number columns.
3. Edit database users by list.
4. Warning on SQL-Task error.
5. Some bugs fixed.
6. GDI memory (resources) leaks fixed.
7. Metrics and scripts view optimisation.

Version 5.0 - 20.10.2010

1. New interface with tab pages.
2. Browser-like behaviour.
3. System menu modifications.
4. Installation of Demo-Database.
5. New SQL-Tasks added.
6. Performance improvements.
7. Some bugs fixed.

List of change for 3.11 - 4.9 versions

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