Oracle database monitoring tool
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List of changes
Version 3.0 - 4.9 - 31.05.2010

1.   Pre-installation/upgrade checks with new installer.
2.   Customization for users working with program from one computer.
3.   Working with program console without administrative rights on workstation.
4.   Customizable chart diagram for any metrics and scripts.
5.   Warning indicator for metric's and script's values.
6.   Context enable/disable option's availability for metrics and scripts.
7.   License security enhancements.
8.   Scripts templates for monitoring added.
9.   New dialog for datafile properties.
10. Dialog for database properties made resizable.
11. Grant/revoke privileges feature extended with new menu options in context nodes.
12. Grantee options in all objects nodes added.
13. Possibility to set monitoring job schedule before starting.
14. Upgrade monitoring accounts during installation of program updates.
15. Graphic user interface (GUI) enhancements.
16. Storing in repository information about user quotas on tablespaces.
17. Daily, weekly and monthly growth statistics grouped for database,tablespace,schemas.
18. Administrator actions log improved with new dialog.
19. Add Database wizard improved with "Select existing Oracle account" options.
20. Storing in repository information about database profiles.
21. Possibility to change monitoring job schedule.
22. Full documentation library.
23. Execution OS scripts on hosts (Windows/UNIX).
24. Store and control script output values.
25. Notification about warnings from scripts.
26. Various SSH script authorization (username/password or DSA/RSA keys).
27. Scheduler for automate script execution.
28. Executions on Windows workstation under System account without password.
29. Administrator sub-node in actions node added.
30. Insert zero string on every metric execution for control of it's work.
31. All metrics node added.
32. Types for journal record added.
33. Deadline calculation for tablespace with autoextend.
34. More settings for DBA Execution Service
35. Datafile autoextention information added.
36. Initialization parameter type node added.
37. Initialization parameters allowable values added in Alter system dialog.
38. Mail server authentification added.
39. Information type node added.
40. All system settings moved in one dialog.
41. Nodes for session activity expanded by os user, db user and machine.
42. New dialogs for process system/object audit.
43. Store history information about system/objects audit options.
44. Features for view/set user properties from metric dialog.
45. Feature for check mail settings added to database properties dialog.
46. Users password saving during add database description to repository.
47. Mail notification about system errors.
48. Exit timeout for metrics added to avoid suspending of metric processes.
49. Threshold notification for tablespace with autoextensible files modified.
50. SQL*Net security enhancement for user passwords stored in repository.
51. Warning node extended by type of warnings with dynamic indication.
52. Warning type added for metric descriptions.
53. Deadline calculation for tablespace free space.
54. Metric e-mail reports added.
55. Function of copy SQL-Task to any database added.
56. Store information about user profiles.
57. Store information about compressed indexes prefixes.
58. Metric for database availability added.
59. Password length increased up to 16 symbols in "Alter User" dialogue.
60. User profile modification possibility added in "Alter User" dialogue.
61. Multiple tablespace selection for thresholds and other properties setting.
62. Procedure editor.
63. Explain plan function in SQL-Editor.
64. The control of processes of updating, monitoring and the analysis of the metadata.
65. Multithreaded configuration for Segment growth analysis dialog.
66. Fast connect to database with SQL-Editor from Database browser.
67. Monitoring tablespace free space by percent of used space.
68. Chart diagram for database size history (by files and used space).
69. Chart diagram for user size history.
70. Chart diagram for tablespace size and free space history.
71. Chart diagram for segment size history.
72. Chart diagram for size of databases bar diagram.
73. Chart diagram for size of tablespaces bar diagram.
74. Chart diagram for size of users bar diagram.
75. Chart diagram for tablespaces used by user bar diagram.
76. Chart diagram for tablespace usage by users bar diagram.
77. Chart diagram for tablespace usage by segments bar diagram.
78. Easy integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control.
79. New dialog for segments growth analysis added.
80. Size History node for segments added.
81. More of dialogs made resizable.
82. Limit for max count of databases extended beyond 256.
83. Loading SQL statements for SQL Task from file.
84. Refresh option in database monitoring options dialog.
85. Saving previous elapsed time for every database monitoring step.
86. Execution of repository scripts on metric's or script's warning.
87. Optimization for more faster view user's objects in tree.
88. Metrics, scripts and sql-tasks last time execution monitoring.
89. Enhancement of scheduling for daily metrics and scripts.
90. Drilldown in segments growth analysis dialog.
91. Field 'Reason' added for SQL-Task and Admin Actions.
92. Limits for count of metric, script and SQL-task processes running at one time.
93. Exclude metric's connections under SYS for monitoring purpose.

94. Customization of monitoring account's default privileges.
95. Perfomance optimization for all repository queries.
96. Perfomance optimisation for view of metrics and scripts values.
97. Metrics for monitoring database load profile added.

98. Support for all TIMESTAMP and INTERVAL datatypes added.
99. Standby database flag and special messages added.
100. Database monitoring options dialog enhancements.
101. Storing in repository information about standby logs.
102. Linking a privilege with earlier assigned document during copying of Sql-task.
103. Truncate segment(s) operation added to Sql-task list.
104. Partition name mask for tables partitioned by interval values.
105. Possibility to select start node on application start.
106. Storing in repository information about database product options.
107. New database properties dialog.
108. Access to nodes and functionalities at database group's and database's levels.

109. Play sound on new warnings.
110. Database data that was not been refreshed too old are displaying with grey color.
111. Toolbar notify message window for new warnings.
112. Customizations of sound's and toolbar's notifications.
113. Set Oracle Job broken/unbroken flag with SQL-Task engine;
114. Optimisation of refreshing of interface views.
115. Filter for view of warnings.

116. Tab page for chart view.
117. Export to Excel format without MS Excel been installed.
118. Open server's PL/SQL source.

Fixed bugs

1.   Resetting local settings after upgrade to a new version.
2.   ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined error after open All Sql-Task node.
3.   Incorrect high values for sub partitioned by hash segments fixed.
4.   Video memory violation during display chart with very large count of points.
5.   The error of execution of a big sized script is corrected.
6.   Program hang when trying draw chart on one points.
7.   Update object's status algorithm fixed for some types.
8.   ORA-01465: invalid hex number on click type details fixed.
9.   Some menu context availability bugs fixed.
10. Grant options in Grant/Revoke dialog were disabled in some case.
11. Details window does not update after context modifications in some case.
12. Incorrect view of monitoring options for used space(%) in tablespaces node.
13. SQL-Task statement looks as suspended after connection error.
14. Resize errors in journal dialog fixed.
15. Text in SQL-Editor remains disabled after operations with some Oracle data types.
16. Limit for simultaneous processing of repository jobs fixed.
17. Max length for global parameter values increased to 4000 symbols.
18. Large repository CPU consumption partly fixed by rebuilding all indexes as UNCOMPRESS.
19. Correct descend sorting for SQL-tasks and scripts.
20. Timeout settings fixed for execution of scripts through SSH.
21. More stable processing of runxxx.exe modules.
22. Availability of viewing the log of upgrade fixed.
23. Program crash due to errors in warnings' control thread fixed.
24. Overflow error during create partition split task (long size number high values).
25. Radio button errors in metric dialogs.
26. Warning fields check in metric dialogs.
27. Deadline calculation for tablespace without autoextend improved.
28. MFC initialization errors fixed by statically link of MFC libraries.
29. Track crash errors in metrics, scripts and sql-tasks' servers.
30. Uninstall DBA Execution Service before uninstall application.
31. "Incorrect Parameter" error in Split dialog during split by intervals.
32. ORA-01008 during create metric description fixed.
33. Flash warning settings saving after logoff/logon.
34. Problem with installation on databases with UTF code page.
35. System hang during refresh browser tree fixed.
36. PKG_MAIL compilation error without privileges on UTL_SMTP package fixed.
37. Flag "Update object details" added in tablespace report views.
38. Multiple SQL-Task deletion fixed.
39. Some bugs of Procedure Editor fixed.
40. Archived logs area metric for Oracle 10 fixed.
41. Alert log errors metric modified for ORA-00600 and ORA-07445 warnings.
42. Undo usage metric fixed.
43. Connection to Oracle 11g fixed (ORA-01017).
44. Metric session identification bug fixed.
45. Disable downgrade repository after connect whit old version of program.
46. Update history information about database links with modified destination alias name.
47. Alter storage in SQL Task work incorrect with some type of segments.
48. Sometimes program crash when user click column header for sorting.
49. Storage clause error when rebuild index or index partitions and set pctfree parameter.
50. User segments view optimization.
51. SQL parser crash error during creation of procedure.
52. PKG_MON package compile errors without privileges on dbms_obfuscation_toolkit.
53. Program crash when user click column header for sorting.
54. Memory access violation in SQL-Editor during execution of SQL statement.
55. Incorrect behavior on Restore Window menu fixed.
56. SQL Task failure without warning if password for task owner is empty.
57. "Can not open empty document" error after first logon to system.
58. ORA-01406: fetched column value was truncated in table partitions view fixed.
59. Warning "Last monitoring time too old" right after start monitoring in some case.
60. Update details for users in database monitoring options not visible.
61. SQL Task status marked as good when some statements was not executed.
62. Max password length stored in repository is 28 (extend to 30).

63. Server output concatenation error in SQL Editor fixed.
64. SQL Task statement auto-numeration for user's scripts fixed.
65. Update obsolet initialisation parameters fixed.
66. Updating information about dropped profiles fixed.

68. High CPU consumption on repository server during update database information.
69. Large elapsed time of database information updating.
70. Some document assignment bugs fixed.
71. Performance degradation on Oracle XE (wrong sql plans).
72. Not all hidden parameters visible in "hidden" node of init-parameters.
73. Some memory overflows bugs and memory leaks fixed with Parasoft Insure++
75. Some video memory shortage resolved (white screen bug).
76. Moving metrics to template node after updating at Metrics (all) node.
77. Some access bugs fixed.
78. Full database connect descriptor for monitoring account.
79. Crash of SQL Editor when error position more than length of SQL Statement.
80. Optimisation for updating Oracle Jobs information.
81. Default focus for dialogs set on OK.
82. Warning alarm spam when some repository job is suspending.
83. Incorrect update of partitions description table.
84. ORA-24347: Warning of a NULL column in an aggregate function during metric execution.
85. ORA-12899: value too large for column "DEC"."BS_TMP_TAB_COLUMNS"."TABLE_NAME"
86. ORA-12899: value too large for column "DEC"."BS_TMP_TABLES"."TABLE_NAME"
87. ORA-12899: value too large for column "DEC"."BS_SEGMENTS_STAT"."SEGMENT_NAME"
88. ORA-01002: fetch out of sequence during metric or script execution.


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