Oracle database monitoring tool
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Instant access to the information

Thanks to a unique system of storing metadata in a separate repository and their analytical processing, the solution offers instantaneous (!) access to the following information about any managed database:


-    Size of databases, their RO/RW parts, size of schemes

-    Free space in tablespaces, their free extents

-    User tablespaces, space occupied by objects

-    Object/system privileges of users/roles, reasons of granting

-    Sectioned objects, overall sizes, number of occupied/free partitions, growth tendencies

-    Partitions/subpartitions of partitioned tables and indexes

-    Users/roles possessing privileges for some objects, their statuses

-    Users with any system privileges (including privileges through roles)

-    Segments of specific tablespaces, their parameters

-    Current settings of the system and object audit

-    List of roles/privileges granted according to a certain document

-    List of hosts, databases on specific hosts

-    Description of users, their passwords, reasons for creation

-    Date of creation/removal of objects from the database

-    Dates of modification of initialization parameters, current and old values

-    Date of granting/revoking object/system privileges/roles

-    Dates of changes in the statuses of tablespaces

-    Internal assignment of one of the database sessions

-    Assignment of a remote job

-    List of scripts in a specific database and their purpose

-    Technical documentation on any database

-    Log of actions/crashes/incidents in any database

The comfort of being able to instantly obtain the necessary information grows in a geometric progression as the number of managed databases increases. Regardless of the number of databases you manage and their current state (operational/dysfunctional), you will spend only seconds to find out what you need without having to connect to the database and running any queries!   Copyright Alexey Brysov 2015 All Rights Reserved.