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Automation of routine operations

DBA Easy Control allows to create a list of SQL expressions for each of the automated tasks and then run them manually or use the system task planner to run them at once or at a specified time. The following automated operations should be mentioned:

-    Moving of tables (partitions/subpartitions). Automatic detection of available tablespaces for moving (by mask, taking account of statuses, availability of free space and previously planned jobs)

-    Automatic rebuilding of indexes invalidated during the moving of tables  or their partitions (subpartitions)

-    Calculation of the necessary space for moving or rebuilding with respect to the index compression factor during the moving and a full list of planned jobs

-    Quick creation of tablespaces, automatic naming

-    Adding and resizing files, automatic naming

-    Splitting, exchange and removal of table partitions. Support of partitioning by various criteria (dates, intervals). Automatic creation of tables for exchange. Existence of global indexes is also taken into account

-    Granting and revocation of system or object privileges using lists. Simultaneous assignment of corresponding privileges to base documents

-    User creation and editing. Simultaneous saving of the description, base document, password generation and saving

-    Conversion of tablespaces into RO/RW modes using lists

-    Parallel command execution (all table changes (e.g. moving or splitting) during the first step, rebuilding of all related indexes on the second step). If the amount of work is significant and hardware resources are available, the system idle time is substantially decreased

-    Automatic recompilation of invalidated objects

The advantage of automation is obvious even if you have a relatively small number of tasks for user creation, distribution of access privileges and other regular tasks. All these tasks can be completed even by Oracle rookies that have no deep knowledge of SQL syntax and donít even know passwords! It enables you to delegate routine and tedious tasks to night shifters, which substantially cuts operation expenses and frees up a lot of personal and night :) time!


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- Changing the status of tablespaces (RW/RO)   Copyright © Alexey Brysov 2015 All Rights Reserved.