Oracle database monitoring tool
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Change log

An ability to see the log of database changes is vital for analyzing non-standard situations - crashes, unauthorized access, data and object corruption; for restoration of parameters and privileges; for creating various forecasts and so forth.


-    Date of creation/deletion of users and roles, log of privilege changes.

-    Time of granting/revoking privileges, reasons for granting.

-    Values of initialization parameters, date of change.

-    Tablespace sizes, dates of status changes.

-    Time and date of database objects creation and deletion.

-    History of database operations performed in the system (granting of privileges, creation of tablespaces, etc.)

-    Warnings log (configurable storage time)

-    Internal and external descriptions of remote jobs

-    Connections to the database, with scheme descriptions, names of computers and applications

The accuracy of the logged information depends only on monitoring frequency settings. No other audit settings needed!

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