Oracle database monitoring tool
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Storage of documents and descriptions

All documents are stored in a single system repository and can be accessed by all system users. You can also restrict access to representations and functional capabilities

-   Storage of database descriptions, their versions, paths, etc.

-   Descriptions of users and their passwords stored in an encrypted form

-   Comments to the privilege being granted (including the preferred revoking date to be monitored)

-   Internal purpose of any of the database sessions

-   Assignment of any remote jobs

-   Comments to database files

-   Comments to tablespaces

-   Comments to warnings

-   Action, crash or incident logs for each database

-   Descriptions and texts of SQL and OS scripts, their relation to bases and hosts

-   Work documents and correspondence. Ability to bind documents to database objects

     (e.g. to privileges or users)

-   Technical and work documentation on any database

The information on database infrastructure is saved automatically. All you have to do, if necessary, is to add commentaries that will stay in the system even if the database is unavailable or its structure is changed!   Copyright Alexey Brysov 2015 All Rights Reserved.