Oracle database monitoring tool
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1. Moving of table partition and rebuilding of indexes
An easy way to save time on preparing data archiving or object compression procedures!

2. Creation or modification of database users
An easy way of delegating tasks to duty shifts while preserving full control over the system security!

3. Granting of privileges by list
An easy way to quickly do a large amount of work while keeping the full history of actions and control over the system security.

4. Adding new partitions (split)
An easy way to monitor the number of free partitions and perform regular routines for adding new ones.

5. Replacement of partitions by tables (exchange)
An easy way to quickly move data out of a partitioned table into an archive located on inexpensive media.

6. Changing the status of tablespaces (RW/RO)
A quick way of making a template for possible future tasks connected with opening tablespaces for modification.

7. Access to history data
Instant access to non-standard information about your databases, which are usually missing or lost.

- Ability to view the history of changes in users privileges
- Ability to view the history of initialization parameters
- Ability to view the privileges granted according to a certain document
- Ability to check the reason of privilege granting   Copyright Alexey Brysov 2015 All Rights Reserved.