Oracle database monitoring tool
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Activating of DBA Easy Control for Oracle

The software is pay free but you must to register to using it. Select appropriate option, register with your name and email address and you will receive license key for activating the product.
The option's parameters are:

- The maximum count of databases that can be registered in the system
- The maximum count of client workplaces that can work with the system at the one time.


Databases/Client workplace

1 2
Up to 16 databases      
16DB/1U 16DB/2U 16DB/3U
Up to 32 databases      
  32DB/1U 32DB/2U 32DB/3U
Up to  64 databases**      
64DB/1U 64DB/2U 64DB/3U

*The option name contains a combination of parameters, e.g. 32DB/2U is a option for 32 databases (maximum) managed from 2 client workplaces.

**Options for more databases/users are make by inquiry.   Copyright Alexey Brysov 2015 All Rights Reserved.